Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(Review) Fresh Produce Tango Skirt

I had the opportunity to choose another piece from Fresh Produce from their new summer collection.  It was a treat for me to sit and peruse their fun catalogue and see what gems I could find, and pick the 1 thing that I'd like to try out.  
In all honesty, most of the clothing that they have in their catalogue seems to be a little old for me...but each time that I've had the opportunity to try one of their items {click here for my last experience} I'm always so impressed with their clothing, and honestly feel like it's perfect for me!  I've gotten tons of compliments on the items that I have from Fresh Produce!
I dropped my son off at school just before I was supposed to meet Jen to take the pictures for this post...and three mom's complimented me on my outfit in the 10 minutes we were standing in the school yard waiting for the bell to ring...awesome!
Anyways, my choice from their darling summer line was this Tango Skirt in cool breeze.  
 here's what I love about the Tango Skirt:
-SUPER comfortable...seriously.  The material is light, soft, and stretchy, it was perfect for the toasty end of spring day.
-the asymmetrical hemline is my favorite.  I don't have any other skirts like this, and I felt so fun in this skirt!
-And, while summer is totally here at the beach, I know it'll be the perfect skirt to throw over my suit and take all the troops down to the beach.
I seriously picked the best skirt in the whole catalogue!
Check out some of Fresh Produce's other popular summer options:
...AND, I know that we have some readers that are not here in the United States...Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too.


  1. Gorgeous!!! And the skirt is very pretty too!!!!
    LOVE the high/low hem! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  2. Very pretty. Love the asymmetric hem and the pictures of you! :)


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